Thursday, April 9, 2009

So yeah, that happened

Recently its come to my attention that someone came to this site looking for an update and were disappointed not to find one. We can't have that now can we?

Despite some larger hallmarks (turning 28, my car's untimely demise etc.) I felt weird posting because isolated incidents didn't really seem to demand their own entry for fear I'd come off as whining ("I'm a year older...and?", Wah, my car's dead!" etc.) Let the record show while I'm all for a good timed rant every now and again I am not cool with whining in just about any form which is how I felt these posts would come out. Suffice to say now that I've crossed the five year mark here in Los Angeles I feel a page has been turned and look forward to the next five years, may they be even more action packed.

Moving on, what have I been up to? I gave up movies for Lent. This was mostly met with widespread disgust given I love them so but the method to my madness was:

1. I've been half assing it the last couple years. I can't tell you what happens once you shuffle off this mortal coil but I have faith in the concept some people like to call God and owe that some sort of thought. 4o days doesn't seem all that long.
2. It would give me more time to devote to writing. Following Devil On My Shoulder I was scribbling more and more notes down on napkins and was shocked to find I've had 21 ideas for features. This is from someone who used to struggle to think of a short film to shoot for class. If 3 of these are remotely workable at the end I will be a very happy camper.

With Lent ending in three days I am already planning a massive movie binge in addition to resuming the humble WTF Movie Night which has become the Sunday staple.

Speaking of movies you may be wondering, wasn't I working on a feature of some sort? Devil On My Shoulder is insanely close to being done. I know this has become my stock answer but we are literally at the tweaking audio levels phase. The holdup has been the studio we are working with is doing the sound work for free since their original technician screwed us over. While this arrangement is easy on the pocket we have to work around their schedule since they need to also concentrate on paying gigs. We are probably one session away, odds are that session is sometime next week. I can't wait to have this behind me, it's been a wonderful process but I just want to mark it *complete* and move on.

Ok, that's it for now. Hopefully work is almost done with me and I can enjoy a three day weekend.

Side Note 1: Congratulations to Brendan and Rabia on the announcement that she is with child. I've known Brendan since 7th grade which seems so long ago now and I am overjoyed at this news.

Side Note 2: A quick shout out to Amy & Jeff's blogs ( & which are so well done I find them inspiring.