Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So as it turns out I am in fact a fan of paint balling.

I had been once before a decade ago and my highlights involved:
-not hitting anybody
-getting nailed in the groin
-being shot in my unexposed neck

and I wasn't exactly running out the door to try it again.

However a trip out to Valencia with some coworkers ended up being a lot of fun. I'll spare you the boring details but there was one notable highlight. Adam, who as it turns out is quite the paint balling enthusiast, brought two professional guns from home which were head and shoulders better than the pieces of junk rented out by the course we went to. At lunch after several hours of playing with said piece of junk weapon, Adam offered me the use of one his professional guns. Where old reliable shot one paint ball at a time, Adam's Ferrari of a gun had duel triggers and was built for rapid fire. Just handling the thing was nerve wracking considering it didn't come cheap so of course the following exchange would HAVE to occur.

Adam: Are you sure the safety's off?
Moi: Let me check.

(I click the safety off and graze the trigger, promptly shooting Adam in the leg)

In my defense, at least I didn't shoot him in the face.

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