Monday, January 12, 2009

11 Down, 2 to go

It's around 12:30 in the afternoon and I've been at work since 3 in the morning. The show I work for lives for award season since that's when all the stars come out to play. Where in the past our focus has been primarily on The Emmy's and The Oscar's this year we paid a lot more attention to The Golden Globes, hence the early call time. I was going to write some kind of "jeez this sucks" blog but come to think about it why not try something a little more constructive.

Some pro's about days we cover award shows:

1. Low number of graphics orders
2. Free food for lunch. As ghetto as it sounds I love not paying for lunch, even if I'm crazy sleep deprived.
3. People are in the best moods. Curiously enough it is the days where we should be the most irritable that the office comes together. Everyone, from the lowliest PA to the highest executive, is tired and just wants to plow through the program so a weird sense of camaraderie develops.

I think making it through the rest of the work day will be fine, the drive home I'm a bit worried about...

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